Gently Rid Your Kitten Of Fleas

If you have noticed your kitten scratching incessantly and upon further inspection have spotted an infestation of fleas around your pet's neckline, concern over using flea treatment products that contain harsh ingredients may be holding you back from treating your pet. Fortunately, you can use the steps below to assist with ridding your kitten of fleas and won't need to worry about putting your pet in harm's way.

Treatment Supplies

  • lukewarm water
  • two plastic basins
  • mild dish detergent
  • flexible comb
  • cup
  • towels

Prepare Basins To Bathe Your Pet In

Mild dish detergent that is water-based and does not contain any additives can safely be used to kill fleas and won't irritate your pet's skin. Add a shallow amount of lukewarm water to a small plastic basin and a shallow amount of lukewarm water that is mixed with a few squirtfuls of dish detergent to another basin. Place both of the basins on a table. Lay a couple towels next to the basins. Gently lift your kitten up onto the table and place them inside of the basin that contains soapy water.

Apply Soapy Water

Initially hold onto your kitten with both hands until your pet has adjusted to the sensation of having their feet dipped into soapy water. Dip a flexible comb into the soapy water and move the comb through the fur around your pet's neck to loosen fleas and eggs that are embedded. Dip a small cup into soapy water and carefully pour the contents in the cup onto your pet's back.

Pour water onto the underside of your pet as you slightly elevate your kitten with one hand so that they are leaning backward. Massage the soapy water into your pet's fur for a few minutes. Afterward, lift your kitten out of the basin and place them inside of the basin that only contains water.

Rinse Your Pet's Body And Comb Their Fur

Use a cup to scoop up water and pour the water over your kitten's body to remove soapy water. Lift your pet out of the water and use the towels to dry your pet. Hold onto your kitten for several minutes while they are wrapped in a towel. Drape a towel over your knees. Comb your pet's fur, beginning near the back of their head and working your way across their body. Afterward, gently place your pet on their back as you support them on your lap. Comb the underside of your pet. 

If fleas are persistent and soapy water and combing sessions do not effectively eliminate them, take your pet to a veterinarian specialist to determine if there is another treatment method that will help rid your kitten of pests. For more information, visit websites like