2 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

If you have noticed that your dog's teeth have started turning yellow and their breath overwhelms you every time they try to lick your face, you may decide it is time to brush their teeth. However, before you start doing so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes when starting to brush your dog's teeth:

Neglecting to Get Your Dog Ready

One mistake you should avoid doing when getting ready to brush your dog's teeth for the first time is jumping right into brushing their teeth. If they have never had their teeth brushed, you suddenly sticking a toothbrush in their mouth may make them uncomfortable, scared, or even angry.

Before you brush your pooch's teeth for the first time, take a few days to get them use to you working around their mouth. While petting your dog, wrap your hand gently around their mouth so they can get used to you holding it.

You may also want to find a skinny bone that is about the size of a canine toothbrush. Place it next to their mouth, then hold on to it while you slide it around when they bite on it. This will get them used to you using something around and inside their mouth.

Using Your Toothpaste for Your Dog

When the time comes to brush your dog's teeth, you need to be careful about which toothpaste you use for your dog. While you may think your toothpaste would be safe for them, the opposite is actually true.

Every time you brush your own teeth, you rinse your mouth and spit out the toothpaste after you are finished. If you were to swallow it, the cleanser and fluoride content could make you sick. However, since dogs are not prone to spitting it out, ingesting too much of the paste could make them ill.

Instead, use a toothpaste designed specifically for dogs that do not contain any toxic chemicals. If you are unsure of which one to use, ask your dog's veterinarian for recommendations.

Avoiding the above mistakes before you start brushing your dog's teeth the first time can help make the process easier for both you and your dog. If you have any questions about cleaning your dog dental cleaning or feel you may need professional help, speak with your pet's veterinarian about the ideal way to provide dog dental cleaning, either by you or through their office.