Two Tips For Preparing Your Dog For Pet Boarding

Whether you're traveling or simply need your dog to be out of the home for a few days, pet boarding is an excellent option for ensuring your canine friend is cared for when you're not around. To ensure things go smoothly and your pet has a great time while at the kennel, here are two tips for preparing him or her for pet boarding.

Do a Trial Run

Unless you're in an emergency situation or your dog is already familiar with the facility, it's a good idea to leave your pet at the center for one or two days of daycare. At the very minimum, you should take the dog to meet the owner or manager of the facility and walk around. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, this lets the dog get familiar with the new environment, which may stave off any anxiety your pet may experience being somewhere he or she has not been before. It also lets your pet get to know the other dogs he or she may be playing with and helps you and the staff determine if your pet's personality is a good fit for the group.

Second, it will make your pet feel more comfortable and secure when you arrive to pick him or her up every evening. Your pet may not feel so anxious about you not returning if you establish a pattern of coming back. This is particularly a good option if you've never been separated from your pet before, because it will give both of you good practice at being apart for a short time.

Bring Food from Home

Almost all pet boarding kennels have food onsite to feed their customers, but it's a better idea to bring food from home for your pet to eat. This is particularly important if your dog has dietary concerns, as the food at the kennel may not accommodate your dog's needs. Keeping your dog on its regular diet will prevent gastrointestinal issues associated with sudden changes in food, which will make things easier for you and the kennel.

Check with the pet boarding facility to ensure they have the resources to store your dog's food. For instance, you want to make sure there's a refrigerator at the facility that can be used to store food that must be kept cold. Additionally, don't forget to leave any treats, toys, and other items to help make your dog more comfortable at the boarding place.

For more tips on preparing your dog for boarding, contact a local pet daycare and overnight facility or check out websites like