Keeping Your Dog Safe On Daily Walks: Four Tips To Remember

When walking your dog, it's important to keep certain safety tips in mind. There are some dangers that are obvious, while others may be less so. Use the following tips to help your dog remain safe and help avoid visits to the local animal hospital.

Update Your Dog's Vaccines

Not only are vaccines important to keeping your dog healthy, but they are also vital if your dog should happen to get out of his or her leash. Dogs that don't have current vaccination tags and bite someone can be quarantined for a set amount of time to determine whether or not they have the disease. This can be stressful for pet owners, and it's avoidable by ensuring your dog has proof of current vaccination.

Choose Your Path Wisely

When choosing a path, look for one that's free from gravel walkways. Gravel can get stuck in your dog's paws, and it can lead to pain and discomfort. Remember that asphalt walkways can be extremely hot in warm weather, which can lead to burns on the paw pad. Concrete sidewalks can be similarly dangerous in hot weather. Whenever possible, walk your dog in cool grass. When the pavement is the only option in warm weather, you can purchase breathable dog shoes that can help prevent injuries. If you suspect your dog's paws have been injured during a walk, contact your local animal hospital for guidance.

Walk Away From The Street

If you've ever walked down a sidewalk with your children, you may have walked on the side next to the road to protect your child from a possible collision. You can apply the same thought process to walking your dog. Keep your dog on the inside of the sidewalk so you can be closer to the road. This can help drivers see better, as it may be more difficult to see a short dog than it is to see you walking down the street.

Avoid Wearing Dark Colors

Walking your dog at dawn, dusk, or late at night can make it more difficult for motorists to see you. Wear brightly colored or reflective clothing, and consider investing in a reflective dog leash. This is a particularly good idea if you have a dog with dark coloring. The more steps you take to improve your visibility to drivers, the better off you and your pet will be.

If your dog is injured in any way during a walk, consider taking him or her to an animal hospital like Kenmore Veterinary Hospital right away. Even a minor bump from a car can be dangerous, and taking extra precautions can help keep your dog healthy.