Keep Your Cat Safe: Avoid These Human Foods

Cats are natural carnivores, and a good healthy diet based in quality protein is essential for their health. Unlike dogs, cats are less likely to scavenge scraps from the table, but some cats still enjoy the taste of human food, especially if that food has been cooked with meat. There are some human foods that are unhealthy or even poisonous for cats. Keep your cat safe by making sure you cat doesn't eat any of these foods. Read More 

Planning Some Holiday Parties? 4 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe During The Festivities

If you're in the process of planning your upcoming holiday parties, don't forget about your dogs. With all the guests coming and going, it can be difficult to keep track of your canine family members. Unfortunately, that creates the perfect environment for accidents, injuries, and anxiety attacks. While you're planning your holiday festivities, remember the following tips. They'll help you keep your dogs healthy and happy: Give Your Dog a Safe Space Read More 

4 Ways To Control The Eating Habits Of Your Excessively-Hungry Canine

Does it seem like your dog is always hungry? Does he always follow you around in the kitchen when you are cooking dinner, just hoping and praying that you will drop a piece of meat or whatever it is that you are preparing for dinner? Does he constantly beg you for treats all day long? When it is time for his dinner, does he go absolutely crazy? No matter how much he eats – treats or regular dog food – it just need seems to be enough. Read More 

Does Your Dog Scratch At Its Neck? What You Need To Know About Syringomyelia, AKA Neck Scratcher’s Disease

When dogs scratch in the air near their necks, it could be a sign of a chronic and debilitating condition called syringomyelia, which is also known as the neck scratcher's disease. Syringomyelia is a condition in the spinal cord that affects the central nervous system and could potentially lead to paralysis. If your dog regularly scratches in the air near its neck, especially when on a leash or when excited, you should have your pet evaluated for syringomyelia. Read More 

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe And Healthy

Your dog may be a beloved member of your family, but you may not realize that there are many ways that individuals can neglect the needs of their furry family member. If you are concerned about taking the best care possible of your dog, you should understand several of the health steps that people will overlook or neglect. Try To Keep The Same Veterinarian Over the course of your pet's life, you will want to do your best to ensure that the same veterinarian sees your animal. Read More