How To Make Your Cat’s Neutering Recovery Easier And Safer

Neutering is a very safe and routine surgery, but it's still a surgical procedure. Your cat will need some time to recover and heal when they come home. If you want your cat to have the easiest and safest recovery possible when they return, follow these three simple steps: Follow Directions Every surgery is different, just as every cat is different. Veterinarians typically offer generic instructions for post-surgical care after a cat has been neutered. Read More 

Bloat In Rabbits: A Guide For Owners

As a rabbit owner, you always hope that nothing bad happens to your pet. But sadly, rabbits are prone to a number of diseases and ailments, one of which is called bloat. Since bloat is a very serious condition, it's important that you know the basics about this issue: What is bloat? Bloat is a digestive system ailment in which the stomach fills up with gas, which the rabbit cannot alleviate. Read More 

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

If you have noticed that your dog's teeth have started turning yellow and their breath overwhelms you every time they try to lick your face, you may decide it is time to brush their teeth. However, before you start doing so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes when starting to brush your dog's teeth: Neglecting to Get Your Dog Ready One mistake you should avoid doing when getting ready to brush your dog's teeth for the first time is jumping right into brushing their teeth. Read More 

Keep Your Cat Safe: Avoid These Human Foods

Cats are natural carnivores, and a good healthy diet based in quality protein is essential for their health. Unlike dogs, cats are less likely to scavenge scraps from the table, but some cats still enjoy the taste of human food, especially if that food has been cooked with meat. There are some human foods that are unhealthy or even poisonous for cats. Keep your cat safe by making sure you cat doesn't eat any of these foods. Read More 

Planning Some Holiday Parties? 4 Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe During The Festivities

If you're in the process of planning your upcoming holiday parties, don't forget about your dogs. With all the guests coming and going, it can be difficult to keep track of your canine family members. Unfortunately, that creates the perfect environment for accidents, injuries, and anxiety attacks. While you're planning your holiday festivities, remember the following tips. They'll help you keep your dogs healthy and happy: Give Your Dog a Safe Space Read More