3 Tips For Caring For A Senior Dog

When it comes to family pets, dogs come to mind for many people. Of course, that should come as no surprise. There are 89.7 million dogs registered as pets in the US alone. Dogs come in a variety of breeds ranging from very small to very large. Dogs can also have very different needs from one breed to the next. Just like with humans, a dog's needs will also change as they age. Read More 

Keeping Your Dog Safe On Daily Walks: Four Tips To Remember

When walking your dog, it's important to keep certain safety tips in mind. There are some dangers that are obvious, while others may be less so. Use the following tips to help your dog remain safe and help avoid visits to the local animal hospital. Update Your Dog's Vaccines Not only are vaccines important to keeping your dog healthy, but they are also vital if your dog should happen to get out of his or her leash. Read More 

Is Having A Pocket Pet A Good Idea?

Pocket pets, those small pets like rats, hamsters, and sugar gliders, are very cute and can be a lot of fun to raise and play with. But pocket pets are also considered exotic pets and require a lot more care and patience than your average cat or dog might need. It's easy to look at that cute little mouse in the pet store and think it won't cause much trouble or need much care, but that's not the case. Read More 

What To Know About Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is the most tick-transmitted disease in the United States, spreading throughout the United States and Europe. Dogs, especially younger dogs, are more often at risk and symptoms can lead to severe kidney and nervous system damage. It is important to know what the symptoms of Lyme disease and how best to protect yourself and your pets. Causes The bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, causes Lyme Disease. The bacteria lives in deer, mice, and other mammals. Read More 

Thinking Of Putting Your Dog In A Kennel? Things To Do First

If you are going to board a dog for the first time and you aren't sure which kennels can be trusted, there are a few things that you should look into. You want to be sure that your dog is in the hands of professionals, and that the facility will be safe and clean when you leave. You want to drop in for an unexpected tour of the facility, so they don't prep before, and so you can see what the kennels are like on a daily basis. Read More