Tips To Prevent And Get Rid Of Fleas

Fleas are not harmful to humans, but they can be a bit of a pain, especially for your pets. Fleas will attach themselves to your pet's fur and skin, biting your pets and making them scratch like crazy, which can injure their skin and cause sores on their body. Preventing fleas is key, but if you already have them in your house, you'll need to take action. See below for tips on how to prevent fleas and what to do if you already have them in your home.

Flea Prevention

There are a number of different flea preventatives you can use for your dog or cat. You can use an oral medication which is more like a treat, a flea collar, or a liquid flea medication that is placed on the back of your pet's neck. These can all be used for your pet. Be sure to talk to a veterinarian about which preventative is best for your pet. 

Fleas can come inside from outside your home, as fleas live in your grass or in weeded areas around your home. The fleas can come inside on your shoes or clothing, or on your pet. Help get rid of the fleas in your yard by sprinkling a granular insecticide in your yard to get rid of them. Be sure to keep your pet away until the granular dust has settled.

Get Rid Of Fleas

If you already have fleas in your home or on your pet, you need to get rid of them before they take over your home (and your pet). Give your pet a flea bath. If you cannot give your pet a bath yourself, take him to the veterinarian to have this done. You can ask to have a flea dip done, which is a special flea bath for your pet to kill any that are on your pet.

Be sure to also vacuum your home to get rid of fleas that are hiding in your carpeting. Vacuum thoroughly, then empty the canister or bag outside your house (not inside). Vacuum every single day until you no longer see the fleas.

If the fleas are too bad in your home, you may want to use a flea bomb in your home to get rid of fleas (and other pests) in your home. Follow the manufacturer's directions on the flea bomb, and be sure that you, your family and your pets are all out of the home when you set off the flea bomb.

Fleas may not be harmful to you, but they can be awful for your pet. Prevent fleas from coming into your home, use preventative medication for your pet and get rid of fleas in your home if you've spotted any. Talk to your veterinarian about other helpful tips to get rid of fleas.